Fortnite Tournaments

Fortnite Zone Wars Tournament

Saturday, February 20th at 5PM PST

Fortnite Solo's Zone Wars Tournament

$10 Champions Keep fee

$5 Tournament fee, This is what creates your prize pools!

Tournament Progress based on kill count, and placement

1st 60% of Prize Pool ,2nd 25% of Prize Pool ,3rd 15% of Prize Pool

All Entrants get a free Bronze Game Pass

(1 hour of game play)

We recommend all competitors arrive at Champions Keep at least 20 minutes before the tournament start time.

*If you are planning on competing in our tournament online please email us first.*

If you're planning on competing online please let us know in the comments!

Fortnite Zone Wars Tournament Format

16 Player Tournament

The tournament will consist of groups of four individual players. Each round will include two Zone Wars games. Each player will get a minimum of 2 games against the players in your group. The top two players from each group will advance to the next round.

The tournament will use a point based system based on kill count and placement in both of your games. 

(2 Points per Kill, 2 Points for 1st place, 1 Point for 2nd place)

ie: 2 kills and 1st place game one = 6 points 1 kill and 2nd place in game two = 3 points 

1st - 60% of the Prize Pool, Gold Gaming Pass , Your name posted on the champion of the week wall, 2nd - 25% of Prize Pool, Gold Gaming Pass , and 3rd - 15% of Prize Pool, Bronze Gaming Pass.

*$15 Entry*

All participants get a free one hour gaming pass to Champions Keep after tournament completion